Our Quartz Clocks bears year warranty from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect arising during he warranty period. If steven clock develops any defect during the warranty period, it will be repaired at free of cost.

If Steven Quartz clocks develops any defect during the warranty period please bring the Quartz clocks with the warranty card / sales Reciept to the dealer from whom the clock is purchased or to the STEVEN AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR, at your expenses. Please do not temper the Quartz clock instrument for servicing as no serviceable parts inside the Quartz clock.

Warranty does not cover : The defect which are caused due to mishandling, damages during transhiment, transportation and the defect caused due to natural calanities. Any repair done by unauthorised person other than so authorised by us mentioned in condition above. Maintenance.


Period Check

Steven Quartz are designed to provide accurate and reliable service. However, every two to three years you should visid a Rikon clock area center or Authorired service center. They will inspect your clock for any worn parts that may need replacement chek whether it needs lubrication, and whether, water, dust, etc. entered the clock & do the needful to restore the clock.

Water Resistance

If your clock is not water resistant, be careful not to get water on the case.The case should be wiped gently with a slightly moistened soft cloth and then dried carefully.


If your clock is stored at temperature outside the normal range (as low as 5'C or as high as +50'C) the electronic components may cease to function.


Avoid placing your clock near loudspeakers, redrigeraor door magnets, electric mixers and blenders, headphones and other electrical equipment. These have strong magnetism that affect the time keeping and functioning of your clock.

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